Access the TV Guide

Open the ULTV App and press EPG. You can also press OK to get a simpler Guide.

Creating a favorites list

While watching TV. Press the Info button. Go to the channel you want to favorite and press the blue button. It should add a star beside the channel. When you’re finished selecting all of your favorite channels, press left and go to the Favorites Group to only see your Favorite channels. You can add channels from and group on the list.

Switching from main service to backup service

Open the ultimate live TV app. Click on menu then press the red button on the remote. You will see 2 options: Ultimate Live TV and Ultimate Live TV 2. Select the first one for Primary service and the second one for backup.

The main service requires the EPG mode to be set to UTC. The backup service requires the EPG mode to be set to normal. To change this setting open the ultimate live TV app and click menu, then go to settings. Scroll up and find epg mode.

Remote control shortcut buttons

To access these you must be on the home page

Red: Ultimate Live TV app

Green: Terrarium TV/movies

Yellow: Speedtest

Blue: Quick Support

Switching Groups

When watching TV press the groups button to see other groups such as sports, Canada, UK, ect.

Fix black frame around the screen

Go to the home screen and click the settings icon at the top right. Click Display and expand or retract to fit to your screen.

Super Cloud DVR

Any channel with a red circle with a play button on it can go back and watch shows from the last 3 days.

Pause, Play, Rewind, Record

You must have the USB drive that I included plugged in to use these features with Live TV. To access recordings go to the Ultimate Live TV app and click playlist.

Speed Test

You have to click the cursor button and use the mouse to run the speed test. Do not forget to click cursor again to turn the mouse off.

Program your ULTV remote to your TV

Instructions are on the back of your new remote. You will need your old remote, or a universal one programmed to your TV.

Move Apps Around on Home Screen

Long press OK on an app to remove it or change its position. Once you remove one you can click that spot to add another app.

Access VOD

Open the ULTV App and click VOD on your remote. Press left when you get in to see more options.

Quickly Hop Between 2 or more channels

While watching a channel you can simply hit the back button 1 time to go to the last channel you were on. Press it again to switch back quickly. If you hold the back button you will get a list of recent channels and you can change between those channels quickly.